Family Film Category
            3rdPlace – Ninja Sisters
            2ndPlace – Arthur the Pumpkin
            1stPlace – An Adoption Story
            Audience Choice – Banana Factory
48-Hour Film Category
            3rdPlace – Mariachi Baby
            2ndPlace – A Hero Among Us
            1stPlace – House of Whispers
            Audience Choice – Natures Helmet
Music Video Category
            3rdPlace – Have I Done Any Good
            2ndPlace – You Raise Me Up
            1stPlace – I am Not Shaken
            Audience Choice – Oh Holy Night
Short Documentary
            3rdPlace – MAMME
            2ndPlace – My Last Word
            1stPlace – TIE: In God We Trust/The Artifact Artist
            Audience Choice – Running for Hope
Feature Documentary Category
            3rdPlace – Black, White And US
            2ndPlace – I Saw The Hosts of the Dead
            1stPlace – The Jets: Making it Real
            Audience Choice – Black, White and US
Short Film Category
            3rdPlace – Gather
            2ndPlace – To Have And To Hold
            1sr Place – Anna
            Audience Choice – Long Haul
AWARD: Feature Film Category
            2ndPlace – Little Women
            1stPlace – Jane & Emma
            Audience Choice – Jane and Emma
AWARD: Lifetime Achievement Award in LDS Entertainment
            Janice Kapp Perry